A Metaphor For My Discontent

by Strike Out Kid

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DOM love this album. i was waiting for these guys to drop something new and they did not disappoint. i find this album a little sad. but i love it. definitely worth downloading Favorite track: Get Rich Or Try Dying.
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All songs written by Strike Out Kid
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Levi Miller at Front & Center Recordings
Album Art by Levi Miler
Album Art photo by Tyler Priola

Performed by
Jake Blackall - Drums
Levi Miller - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Sprenkle - Guitar/Vocals
Riley Sprenkle - Bass

Strike Out Kid is
Ryan Sprenkle - Guitar/vocals
Levi Miller - Guitar/Vocals
Riley Sprenkle - Bass
Wesley Manor - Drums


released December 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Strike Out Kid Martinsburg, West Virginia

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Track Name: Rambo Hemmingway
May will come and everything will change and grow. But I'll still be late to bloom
Everyone leaves me behind
It's an all too familiar story

Two more dabs till sleepless nights will end
But when the lights went out, I let some demons in

Funny thing is, after all this, I still think that I'm a good person

This drive hasn't gotten better,
and neither has the letter

It used to be where we made sense of things
You worked your whole life on this one way street
I still don't understand how you picked up your feet

Then weakness in me shows
Slowly unfolding who I really am

Because I only ever think of myself
Shut out every one else
And never offer them my help

So goodnight and goodbye
And when you go, turn out my light

I guess I'll just wait outside.
You know it's cold out here,
but you never seem to mind

I used to be strong like a house with four walls and a roof
I used to be able to keep all my demons at bay

And when I watched it
burn down, I could see
you smiling at me

This must be goodnight and goodbye
Track Name: Hands Down
This has, hands down,
Been the hardest scar to heal
and I could blame it all on you, but I can't fit these broken pieces back together

It started out in the front seat of your car and ended up with me crying on your kitchen floor.
But all of our sad stories end just the same

Tongue tied with nervous eyes, I nothing special this time
One day you'll see how I've ripped out my heart just to wear it on my sleeve

I'm so sorry for spilling my guts to you, knowing full well the mess that it would make
I know I'm never meant to mend my old scars

And then everything falls apart and nothing falls into place
Track Name: Get Rich Or Try Dying
I'm getting sick of all the little things that you do
Like when you say you're sick and tired
well were sick and tired of you.
You go and get so upset
that things didn't go the way you planned it
It's everything you never do

I wish you'd shut the fuck up yea and listen
and stop buying into their shit
You're the only one keeping them in business
Stop buying and they'll stop selling it

You're not going to make it through college
you're just trying to keep up with your friends
The west coast doesn't have the much to offer
you're always finding excuses

It's a long way back to California
and a longer way back home
you've said you've been making progress
but we both know, you'll never finish this.
Track Name: Unbelieved
Just keep your head up high
cause you're the only one who see's straight
and that's always just been fine to me
You're always just searching for something that just isn't me

I call you over and over
you'll get over the things that he said
It's clear to me that you'll always just get this stuck inside your head

But honestly you want me to be so much more than I could ever be
I could never be
Please just leave me
Please don't believe me
Track Name: Ugly Awkward
We can't all be living as catatonically as we've made it seem
About the common diagnoses for a fleeting disease

You can't understand a life filled with misery
when you've spent your whole life, ever after, happily

Mark me up like those white walls
You'd color as a kid
What's the point if you repaint it every year

So will I be tragic and beautiful
Or just another dead voice and the next one off the bridge

This is my last chance
To make any difference
To be important
Track Name: Without
I wish i changed half as much as you do
I'd stay the same and you'd always change like you do
but you do.

I wish I could sit and talk to you like old friends
They say you changed but I don't think that you did
and when I called I hoped you weren't there
cause I twist, I fall, and then I stare into you
You're the one person I wish I never knew

And it was you in the back of my mind
a lesson learned that doesn't pass with time
and I was here all along writing words to you
in my worthless songs

And now we scream and shout to let our feelings out
the things we never want to say out loud.
Sometimes you're all I used to talk about.
Sometimes you're all i want to talk about.

You used to tell me that I was the one thing you could never
live without.
Track Name: Marvin Nash
I'm stuck between
Sincerity and apathy
Between giving everything and
Living carelessly completely

Everyone and everything is quite adept at ripping out my fucking heart strings

I'm the house
you passed every day.
The one that you don't see
until it's smoldering
and burned to the ground

Darling you're Mr. Blonde
And you've left me gashed, hacked and slashed
And doused in gasoline

We're all burned blackened sheep
Abandoned like these broken homes we see

I'm a black sheep
But you'll never notice me

When the world breaks the boy
patchy like bad poetry
He'll say "I still have some lines left in me"

It's those messy last words you wish that you hadn't spoke
And it's that last cigarette you swore you'd never smoke
Track Name: Noice
Just walk by I took my own advice
It's not quite talent but I think its nice
I don't have to feel like this when i see you

And I don't pretend i just cant stand
all my excuses I feel useless
and i've never felt so sure
twisting facts, talking trash, I don't look back anymore.
Track Name: Worthless
One thing's certain you're always searching
for things that just weren't ever really worth it
To you nothings ever worth it
but i'm fine

The things I said i'd never let get to me, these thoughts in my head
are all that i can think. All i can think about

I'm never where i said i'd be
Time was short and of course you had to
leave me again
i'm not upset I promise this is just the start of it
the things i said, will never let me let go
of what was perfect.
The things i said i'd never let get to me
I promised my self, i know i was never worth it.
Track Name: Birds Don't Fly Forever
I stopped taking pictures
So you don't know where I've been
I can't remember where I hid
So I won't know if you ever did find me again

I've always been content with life drifting by me
I'd say I have things figured out
but you know that I'd be lying
straight to your face

All I can embrace are old familiar failures
I won't change anything at all

They always taught me to fly straight
I never really did but I gave
every excuse I got
They told me,
"Don't fly with those crows kid,
or you're gonna get shot"

They say birds don't fly forever
And neither did we