Anything To Feel Something

by Strike Out Kid

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Released on July 10th 2013
All songs wrote by Strike Out Kid
Crazy Caroline & Fanny Pack - Recorded @The Monster House
It's Not Quite Talent - Recorded By Strike Out Kid


released July 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Strike Out Kid Martinsburg, West Virginia

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Track Name: Crazy Caroline
Blood shot eyes from sleepless nights
Proceeding early mornings
Another tipsy text or two to get me in trouble with you
To tell you I miss you
I know I'm not your crazy caroline

I should just go home
go and just leave her alone no
You left me alone.
Just go home
go and just leave her alone no
you left me alone.

Wasting gasoline to drive somewhere i don't want to be
to find my broken heart in parking lot
i'm hopelessly in love with you
I tell you i miss you
I know that i'm your crazy caroline.

I'd give anything to feel something again
You'll never know what i wrote down about you
I'm giving all that i have left to give.
I'd give anything to feel something again.
Track Name: It's Not Quite Talent
Just walk by. I took my own advice.
It's not quite talent but I think it's nice
I don't feel like this when i see you.

And I don't pretend. I just can't stand all my excuses.
I feel useless.
And I've never felt so sure.
Twisted facts, talking trash, I don't look back anymore.
Track Name: Fanny Pack
Shaking hands with fake tan whores who just can't stand to be ignored
sorry, but i'd rather be home alone and waiting.
All they do is just complain in this town.
In this place.
nothing's ever good enough. Everyone hates everyone.

And I could give a damn about a sinking ship cause I learned how to swim when i was like four.

Why bother changing seasons
Everyone has their reasons to feel like they are on the right side and they're alright.
One thing I just don't understand all the faith in this hopeless plan
Everyone wants to be a doctor or a lawyer or something

And I'm growing sick and tired of being told that i'm part of a plan by a man who's portrayed by Morgan Freeman in all of those Bruce Alrighty movies
and i'm just so fed up with "that's cool" and "man, I understand" cause i doubt you understand anything at all.

And I could give a damn about a burning bridge cause i learned how to swim when i was like four.

And i'm through with waiting for something to change
I have nothing on my insides and i'm okay.

I hate just say this but we're all the same and everyone is crazy
I'm down yeah, but maybe I wanted to tell her i miss her so bad
I'll kill all my idols. These thoughts are second class.